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Reading in Your Reading Nook

If I told you that in my house is a library the size of a small office with deep mahogany furniture and vintage books lining the shelves that piled on the walls of the room, would you believe me? If I told you that I went there every day and curled up in my windowContinue reading “Reading in Your Reading Nook”

Why Your Writing Space is so Important

So. We have places to sleep, places to eat, places to go to the bathroom, and you get where I’m going with this. If you know me, writing and reading and anything related to words is as important as sleeping and going to the bathroom. It’s just a daily essential for me. I don’t knowContinue reading “Why Your Writing Space is so Important”

A New Beginning (Technically)

You may have noticed that I have deleted my past posts (if they aren’t deleted, then there’s a slight problem 😅) that are not related to books. If you didn’t, well nice. If you did, well nice. I’ve decided that I’ve been off-track too many times. I’ve gone here and then I’ve gone there andContinue reading “A New Beginning (Technically)”

A Forgotten Blog and The Liebster Award

So, funny story. For the last two months, I have been reading amazing books, eating amazingly healthy desserts, and getting drowned under a deluge of homework and responsibilities that POOF! I forgot all about my blog that has been hanging all alone for the past… I don’t really know.  Every time I think I’m goingContinue reading “A Forgotten Blog and The Liebster Award”

My Guide to Kind-Of Keeping Up With Your New Years Resolutions

The truth is: we never finish our New Years Resolutions, much less start it.  I won’t even start with a Happy New Years to everybody.  Neither will I comment on how I have been in hibernation these past few months.  We need to focus on one thing today and that is: we never finish ourContinue reading “My Guide to Kind-Of Keeping Up With Your New Years Resolutions”

Into God’s Loving Arms Thou Shalt Go (A Remembrance Day Poem)

Hey every eyeball who just so happens to be wandering here! I am back from my incredibly long break, and am about to break you heart with a poem I wrote (I’m kidding. It’s not really that tear-jerking. I made it up in like twenty minutes so give me some slack). As you can see,Continue reading “Into God’s Loving Arms Thou Shalt Go (A Remembrance Day Poem)”

A Blogging Break (and a bunch of other stuff happening in my life)

As the title of this post suggests, I shall be taking a break. School is starting earlier for me (homeschoolers life) and my family is getting invited on trips (inside Canada of course) on a regular basis (we’re that famous 😝). Therefore, when one’s life happens to get crazier all of a sudden, one mustContinue reading “A Blogging Break (and a bunch of other stuff happening in my life)”

Teas for the Time

First of all, I have no idea why I decided to write that title. For tea? For the time to drink tea? I don’t know, but most likely it was because it sounded catchy. Whether you’re a coffee drinker or tea drinker (I’m both) this may be helpful. I say may because it might reallyContinue reading “Teas for the Time”